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Toulouse | Creativ’ Yogurt

I’m going to start a new style of post now where I write about different food, drink and snack places in the different cities I’m visiting. Because let’s be real, the most exciting part(s) of my day is finding out where I’m going to be eating next, and some of these places are too good not to share. This frozen yoghurt café is going to kick off a new Toulouse food series where I’ll start documenting the culinary prowess of the city I get to call my home (for just two more months!). Today after a long day at uni, I got off the metro before changing to the other line to have a wander in the beautiful weather. It wasn’t long before I *accidentally* got lured into buying food.

Creativ’ Yogurt on Rue des Lois is a small but inviting establishment – walking by you can already see the toppings lining the counter from fruit, to chocolate, to cereals, to sauces. I like to assume that by apostrophising “Creativ'” and removing the last ‘e’ they are trying to demonstrate their creativity before you even get to the yoghurt. I think I’ll humour them on that one. Anyway, on such a hot day, I couldn’t just walk past but told myself I’d just get one of the small sizes to sample the yoghurt and some of the toppings. However, Creativ’ Yogurt has too varied a menu to resist, and I ended up going for something bigger. The offer includes your classic different sizes of frozen yoghurt pots with a choice of up to 4 toppings for the smaller one, but also on the menu is “Le Parfait” which includes 5 toppings and a much bigger portion of yoghurt, which can be either sugared or plain according to your tastes.



Seeing the suggested parfait combinations, I had to try one of those instead, opting for “L’Authentique”, which came with cereal, banana, speculoos biscuits, honey and chocolate sprinkles. As soon as I saw it being made I knew it was the right choice, and it was the perfect thing to eat whilst walking home through the park and along the canal. At the same time, although it’s a dessert, it doesn’t feel too heavy or unhealthy and I always think frozen yoghurt (I went for the plain version simply because I thought that enough sweetness would be added by the toppings) is a great alternative to ice cream for a lighter snack. Plus, with the cereal as well it was basically breakfast! Right?! Maybe not since it was 4pm, but I can dream.


Creativ’ Yogurt don’t just do the frozen yoghurt selection but also hot drinks and even sandwiches! There is also a deal with students and on the whole I found that the menu was very affordable. The smallest yoghurt with a few toppings was priced just under €3 and went up to €9 for the most expensive in this section (HUGE with unlimited toppings!). From the board outside, I read that the lunch menu includes a sandwich and costs €6 for students – who doesn’t love a student discount (apart from non-students)? I would totally be up for trying that some time if I can ever drag myself away from our €3 canteen deal at uni.

All in all, Creativ’ Yogurt was a great find and I would definitely go again for another refreshing snack. My only criticism is that in writing this blog post I’ve found it to be a lot of effort to correct Creativ’ which is autocorrected to Creative every time. But I don’t have any criticisms about the place or the food so I guess it’s a 10/10 on that front so far.

Stay tuned for more in the Toulouse series, as well as more to come about my other recent European travels 🙂


6 comments on “Toulouse | Creativ’ Yogurt

  1. Sounds like fun to write about.
    Yes, indeed food aside from the sights are the next thing to talk about. Of course there is the culture and like but that takes more time to delve deeper in order to write with some “authority”.


    • Yes I know what you mean! It’s really hard to write with authority when you may only have seen some of what a place has to offer. I’m trying to become more critical (positive and negative) to better evaluate places I see! Food is definitely a good start 🙂

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  2. I’d join ya on that one for sure! Yum!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Next time in toulouse, I won’t forget to try this 😄

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